Founded by two brothers in 2017, Snap Supply is built upon a 40-year family legacy within the appliance repair parts industry. Nick and Shawn Ernst, Snap’s founders, are second generation appliance repair professionals who bring decades of knowledge to their business and customers. 

In the 1970s, Shawn and Nick's mother and father met at an appliance repair parts distribution company. You could say the brothers were raised within the appliance repair parts industry. On top of that, entrepreneurship runs in the family: their parents started PDQ Supply in the basement of their home in Melrose Park Illinois in the early 70s with just $100. Out of PDQ Supply grew the distributor end of the business, ERP. Forty years later, Shawn and Nick Ernst brought their decades of experience to Snap Supply.

Shawn and Nick spent their formative years using the PDQ warehouses like playgrounds (the 90s were a different time). Eventually, their playing turned into helping out the business: doing cycle counts for thousands of oven knobs, and, before long, bagging items, packing and shipping parts, and refining their customer service chops. 

Before they knew it, they were pros, the second generation of a family business that was growing even faster than they were. 

As a result, Shawn and Nick have always been strong believers in a DIY mentality. They grew up in a business whose focus is taking matters into your own hands. They bring 40 years worth of history and experience to Snap Supply, with the homeowner always in mind. 

Snap Supply Wholesale was a business that many customers had been asking for for quite some time. After Snap Supply and PRYSM established themselves as a strong, trusted presence in the appliance repair parts industry, the time was right. 

Premium Appliance Repair Parts 

Snap Supply Wholesale product represents some of the best the entire industry has to offer. Shawn and Nick have wanted for a long time to offer a wider range of parts, and customers have wanted to see them on the Snap Supply store. 

High Quality Manufacturer Original Product

All that experience in the appliance repair parts industry left the brothers at the head of Snap Supply uniquely knowledgeable about which parts would be best for DIY homeowners, and where to get them.

The majority of our parts are UL certified, meaning that they have been laboratory tested for safety risks by the independent safety certification organization Underwriters Laboratory. 

These parts are also manufactured in the United States, Mexico, or Europe. They are manufacturer original quality, meaning they are of the same quality standard as the parts that your appliance originally shipped with.

Each page also hosts cross reference information and model numbers that make it easy to find the right part for your appliance.