Transfer or Make a New Account on Snap Supply Wholesale!

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce Snap Supply Wholesale! It’s a new wing of Snap Supply where shoppers can find high quality, manufacturer original appliance repair parts for wholesale prices.

Snap Supply Wholesale offers:

  • Better pricing on bulk orders
  • Quantity break pricing on all products
  • Net payment terms
  • Ability to pay with credit card or ACH payments
  • Much more!

We’d like to discuss Snap Supply Wholesale with you in further detail, including instructions on how to transfer your current Snap Supply account to a wholesale account! Custom pricing will be transferred to your new account when you complete the creation process. 

Use this link to schedule a call with us!

Just so you are aware, the current wholesale portal on, the main Snap Supply website, will be closing on October 1st. Make sure to create a new account before that time to access the full suite of new Snap Supply Wholesale features!

If you don't have an account to transfer but you'd like to create a new Snap Supply Wholesale account, you can use this video for assistance!